Should I take a Plea?

A plea can be a good choice, but it is not the right path in every situation.
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Do I need a lawyer if the DA offers me a plea deal?

Yes!  Your criminal defense attorney will help you understand the potential outcomes of your case and can evaluate the offer

The DA is not on your side, and you should not assume that the offer is a good one.


If a plea will get my case finished quickly and avoid jail, should I do it?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this.  Whether or not you should take a plea depends on a number of factors such as the facts of your case, what the state can prove, what penalties you may receive, what you will have to do as a result of the plea (such as probation, jail time, classes, etc.), and what your personal priorities are.  Your criminal defense attorney will discuss all of these matters with you to help you make a well-informed choice.


If I plead guilty and am on probation, do I have a criminal record?

Yes, a guilty plea is a conviction, so you will have a criminal record.  Even for a minor offense, a criminal record can have far-reaching consequences.

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If it is your first offense, you may be able to avoid a criminal record if you successfully complete probation through a program called judicial diversion.

See About Pleas: What is judicial diversion?

Some non-violent and non-DUI criminal convictions may be expunged.  However, even if your particular offense is expungable, you will have to wait several years to become eligible for expungement of a conviction.  So, in the meantime you will have a criminal record which can limit your life in many significant ways. 

Your Davidson County criminal defense lawyer can help.

Do not go into a plea agreement alone.  Defense attorney Carla Grebert can help you decide whether a plea is the right path for you.  If it is, she will work to get you the best deal possible.  If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, request a consultation today.

Understanding Probation

Probation is part of many plea offers .  It is better than jail, but it has rules and requirements.  Davidson County criminal defense attorney Carla Grebert has prepared a handy printable one-page guide to help you understand probation before you take a plea.  Click here to get it.

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