Legal Writing, Research, & Editing for Lawyers

Quality research and writing for effective advocacy.

Carla Grebert is an experienced writer who can handle any legal writing need:  trial briefs, motions, appellate briefs. 

Following law school, Carla clerked for the Tennessee Court of Appeals, where she drafted opinions dealing with a wide range of substantive and procedural issues including, but not limited to:


    Family law issues

    • Classification of marital property and equitable division of marital property
    • Dissipation of marital estate, transmutation, and commingling of property
    • Alimony and child support
    • Modification of parenting plan / custody
    • Termination of parental rights

      Tort issues

      • Comparative fault
      • Premises liability
      • Negligent misrepresentation

      Business and employment issues

      • Breach of contract
      • Piercing the corporate veil
      • Review of decisions of the Tennessee Claims Commission

      Constitutional Issues

      • Full faith and credit
      • Supremacy clause

      Procedural issues

      • Default judgment
      • Discovery sanctions
      • Summary judgment

      At the Court, Carla honed her writing: it is clear, concise, complete, and correct.

      Carla is also an incisive editor.  Whether you need an extra set of eyes or a complete revision of a legal document, Carla can help. 

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