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Carla Grebert is an experienced writer who can handle any legal writing need:  trial briefs, motions, appellate briefs, and more. 

For the two years following her graduation from law school, Carla clerked for the Tennessee Court of Appeals.  There she drafted opinions dealing with a wide range of substantive and procedural issues including, but not limited to:


    Family law issues

    • Classification of marital property and equitable division of marital property
    • Dissipation of marital estate, transmutation, and commingling of property
    • Alimony and child support
    • Modification of parenting plan / custody
    • Termination of parental rights

      Tort issues

      • Comparative fault
      • Premises liability
      • Negligent misrepresentation

      Business and employment issues

      • Breach of contract
      • Piercing the corporate veil
      • Review of decisions of the Tennessee Claims Commission

      Constitutional Issues

      • Full faith and credit
      • Supremacy clause

      Procedural issues

      • Default judgment
      • Discovery sanctions
      • Summary judgment

      At the Court, Carla honed her writing: it is clear, concise, complete, and correct.


      Legal Document Editing

      Carla is also an incisive editor.  Whether you need an extra set of eyes or a complete revision of your brief or motion, Carla can help.

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      Recent Legal Writing Projects for other Attorneys

      United States Supreme Court

      Brief in opposition to petition for writ of certiorari

      6th Circuit Court of Appeals

      Appeal of the grant of summary judgment in the Middle District of Tennessee

        1. Brief of the appellant
        2. Reply brief of the appellant

      Williamson County Chancery Court

      Plaintiff’s brief opposing Defendants 12.02(6) motion to dismiss a contract case

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