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What is Expungement?

Expungement, also known as “expunction,” is a legal process that empowers individuals to have specific criminal records either sealed or erased.

Why Hire a Nashville Expungement Lawyer?

A criminal record can have profound negative effects on various aspects of your life, impacting housing, employment, and other opportunities. Davidson County Expungement Lawyer Carla Grebert can evaluate your record. If you have qualifying criminal offense on your record, she will petition the court for expungement, giving you a path forward.

See Consequences of a Criminal Record.

What Criminal Records Can Be Expunged?

Criminal Cases That Ended in Your Favor can be Expunged.

      • You are entitled to expungement if the charge against you was dismissed, a “no true bill” was returned by the grand jury, you were arrested and released without being charged, or a nolle prosequi was entered in your case.
      • Outstanding court costs and fines must be paid
      • Upon expungement of these cases, all public records, including your expungement petition, are destroyed.

Good to Know

Expungement is never automatic.  So even dismissed cases remain on your public record until you take action to expunge them.

Some Criminal Convictions can be Expunged.

Not all convictions are eligible for expungement, and Tennessee law specifies qualifying offenses and exclusions (see Tennessee Code Annotated, section 40-32-101). Notable exclusions include violent crimes, sex offenses, DUIs, and Class A or B felonies.  In rare instances, two offenses can be expunged: the charges must be connected to a continuous criminal episode at the same location and time.

Some things to keep in mind:

    • You must not have subsequent ineligible convictions, including federal offenses and offenses in other states, to qualify.
    • You are ineligible if you had a previous conviction expunged.
    • A waiting period of at least 5 years after completing a sentence is required for misdemeanors or Class E felonies. For Class C or Class D felonies, the waiting period is at least 10 years.
    • You must have completed all requirements of your sentence.
    • You must have no outstanding court costs or fines connected with the offense.

How Can I Get a Conviction Expunged?

  • To expunge a conviction, you must file a petition in the county where the conviction occurred.  Your Nashville expungement lawyer can ensure this process is completed correctly and appear in court on your behalf.
  • If you meet all requirements, the judge will probably grant expungement.  However, that is not guaranteed.  The petition may be denied if the judge believes it is not in the interest of public safety.
  • If your petition is denied, a two-year waiting period is required before filing again.

Good to Know

When a conviction is expunged, the records are not destroyed, but they are kept confidential, and are accessible only to the district attorney general, the defendant, the defendant’s attorney, and the circuit or criminal court.

Nashville Expungement Lawyer

Attorney Carla Grebert helps clients with expungements in Davidson County Tennessee.  She can evaluate your Davidson County criminal record to determine if you have expungable entries.  And she can petition the court to expunge your record.  Contact Carla Grebert today for a consultation.

Good to Know

While the expungement process ensures that official records are sealed or erased,  information about expunged offenses may persist in third-party databases, particularly private (non-governmental) background search services. In practical terms, if a company already possesses this information, it may retain it for a certain period. The duration depends on the frequency and method by which the company updates its database.

Are you Ready for a Fresh Start? Begin your Expungement Process Today

Step 1

Check to see if you have a criminal record  Davidson County Tennessee. Go to https://sci.ccc.nashville.gov/Search and search your name.

Step 2

If you have a Davidson County record, read the terms and conditions below.  Then fill out the form at the bottom of this page.  For a $250 flat fee, Nashville expungement lawyer Carla Grebert will examine your record and determine whether any of your charges are expungable.

Step 3

If you have expungable records in Davidson County:

  • Carla Grebert will expunge cases that were dismissed, nolle prosequi, or no true bill at no additional charge. Client must pay outstanding court costs.
  •  Carla Grebert will expunge convictions at a flat rate of $550 per conviction.  Client will be responsible for paying any court costs, fines, or court-imposed fees. 
Decorative image (terms and conditions)  Nashville Expungement Lawyer

Expungement Terms & Conditions

If you submit this form, you agree to the following:

  • You are requesting an evaluation of your Davidson County Tennessee criminal record to determine if you have expungable offenses.
  • This evaluation applies ONLY to charges brought in Davidson County Tennessee.
  • The evaluation costs $250.
  • Expungement is not included in the evaluation. If you wish to hire Grebert Law to expunge your convictions, there will be a fee of $550 per convicted offense, and you will be required to pay any related court costs, fees, and fines.
  • If you do not hire Grebert Law to expunge your eligible offenses, the attorney-client relationship will end at the completion of the evaluation.
  • Correct information on this form is necessary in order to provide an accurate evaluation.
  • No attorney-client relationship will be established and no evaluation will occur unless and until the $250 evaluation fee is paid. The evaluation fee is attorney’s property upon receipt and is non-refundable.

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